Recharge + Relax

A flexible combination to maximize your office recharge capacity. Great for a dedicated space but can also be scattered.


1 x Napping Pod

Our napping pod features timer, music and a privacy visor. By providing a dedicated space for rejuvenation, the napping pod allows individuals to boost their professional and personal productivity while also helping them to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 


  • One touch start button activates a 20 minute nap with music, lights and vibration.

  • Recline the napping pod to reduce pressure on the cardiac system with the elevation of the feet.

  • The privacy visor provides semi-privacy without overly enclosing, blocking out distractions and concealing the user.

1 x Gravity Neutral Recliners

The Recharge + Relax Package also features an elegant recliner designed to mitigate fatigue in the workplace. Inspired by the gravity neutral chaise developed by NASA to support astronauts during their ascent into orbit. This position relieves the soreness, tension and fatigue caused by the earth’s constant gravitational pull.


  • Dual motors for both recline and leg support.
  • Articulating headrest and neck-contoured pillow.
  • High Quality that is soft, smooth and durable.


Clean Wipe Dispenser

The Clean Wipe Dispenser comes with enough wipes to keep your recliners clean for months! A waste bin is also available. Effective cleaning, yet safe for the equipment, the dispenser can be wall-mounted or come with a floor stand.


Room Mist Dispenser

Create the perfect wellness room environment with a delicate and relaxing scent, emitted from this discrete wall-mounted dispenser.



  • Design
    Our in house designers will provide recommendations for layout.

  • Warranty
    All of our equipment is backed by an extensive warranty.

  • Technical support
    We offer rapid response by telephone and email.

  • Maintenance
    Your package comes with scheduled service visits to keep your installation at its best.

  • Reporting
    Regular metrics to track usage (as applicable).


You can choose to purchase, rent or lease
The Wellness Room Package, all at a great value:

  • Purchase             GBP £9,995
  • Rent (1 Year)       GBP £625 per month
  • Lease (3 years)   GBP £125 per month (Down payment GBP £1,950)


Please contact us for example floor plans or a mockup of your facility.

  • Dedicated room recommended.
  • Min. room footprint: 4 x 3 m.
  • 1 standard power outlet per pod/recliner required.

* Prices do not include delivery, installation, or value added tax (VAT).
Please request a detailed quotation by providing your delivery postal code.